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The Ultrasound
Dad's view:

Well, it was old hat now.  I'd been in the waiting room before, desperately awaiting my chance to see something resembling an ink blot, an ink blot which would change my life forever.  My daughter was 3 yrs old now, and I thought I had prepared for what lay ahead.

I had been waiting in that seat, with my 3 yr. old, for well into the second hour when the nurse approached me for the fourth time.  "We're sorry sir, just having some mechanical difficulties.  We finally have your wife on another machine and will soon be having you come back to see her."   Now you could imagine the thoughts running through my head.  Mechanical difficulties?  Come on, they could do better than that.  I thought my child had two heads or some other freakish deformity.  Well it wasnt long before I finally got the call to come back.

Now, theres nothing quite like a thoughtless nurse when a tense moment comes along.  As I walk in the room, the first words I hear are not my wife's.. I hear "Do you want to tell him, or should I?"  After thoughts of carnival life for my child have been passing through my head, this just sets it off.  My wife notices and quickly intercepts, asking me to sit down.  Totally confused, scared and out of my mind, the words "we're gonna have twins" made the perfect fit.  Relieved that my original fears are gone, a new rush of emotions and mental pictures fly through my head.  Within moments I'm left totally numb.  I have no clue how to react, I mean I'm there to support my wife in this, but like Lois Lane said "You've got me?  Who's got you?"  

But sure enough, as they moved that sensor across my wife's stomach there was that ink blot on the screen.  With some coaching I was able to interpret what I was seeing, and when the moment happened that I saw both heads...time came to a complete standstill.  The reality hit and the sheer joy of the occasion overcame me.  

I was an only child and so was my mother.  I just realized I not only broke that mold, but completely pulverized it.

Jonathan Pielak