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Figuring out Names
Our 3 yr. old daughter's name is Sydney, and finding two more girls' names to match but not match was a task not worth repeating.  There's not much of a naming tradition in neither my wife's nor my own family so the door was unfortunately wide open.  

We didn't want to be one of those parents with all their kids with the same initials.  Plus we cringed when we'd hear the cutesy names of so many sets of twins, like Kara and Lara or Ricky and Nicky.  Our kids were going to be human beings, not Saturday morning cartoon characters.  With so many names we didnt like though, our list of possibilities was getting shorter by the week.

I must admit I didn't want to look to anyone else for advice, but these books were a huge help.

The Last Word on First Names:
The Definitive A-Z Guide to the Best and Worst in Baby Names by America's Leading Experts

Beyond Jennifer and Jason, Madison and Montana:
What to Name Your Baby Now

We pretty much were decided and had chosen Claire and Audrey.  They fit perfectly with Sydney and at the same time sounded nicely apart as well as in tandem.  I remember though my mother-in-law stating something to the effect that Audrey just reminded her of some crotchety old women she once knew.  Strangely enough, we had a similar reaction from a few others.  But Audrey was actually my pick, and I loved it.  My wife became a bit gun shy, but we both agreed that our daughter would give the name a whole new meaning.

And now that they're 9 months old it seems like Claire and Audrey just rolls off everyones tongues.  I couldn't imagine any other names.